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FLARE April Program ... Wednesday, April 26th at 7 pm EDT/ FLARE Call for Nominations for the 2023 Lewis L. Gould Award

Our April program will air on Wednesday,  April 26th at 7 pm EDT. The program, The Evolution of the First Lady from Lady Washington to Dr. Biden features Anita McBride and Michael LaRosa, former press secretary to Dr. Biden, and is moderated by Diana Carlin. This is a rebroadcast of the program presented in collaboration with the Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas.

To view the program go to our Facebook page or our YouTube channel to watch. You can access both by going to the FLARE website and clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner for either of them. 

 FLARE is now accepting nominations for the 2023 Lewis L. Gould Award.

The Lewis L. Gould Award is presented to a member of FLARE who has, in the course of his or her other noteworthy career, made distinguished contributions to the field of first lady research and education. Nominees should demonstrate Dr. Gould’s unwavering commitment to excellence while encouraging and furthering the study of American first ladies. FLARE will announce on the website and via email to members when nominations are open and what is required for a nomination. Only members can nominate or be nominated. An awards committee composed of FLARE members determines recipients.

All members of FLARE are eligible for nomination except for those serving on the Gould Award Committee. A Gould Award nominee should have a long and distinguished career that includes significant contributions to scholarship and education about first ladies.

Nomination letters should persuasively address how the applicant meets the following criteria:

The quality, academic rigor, and influence of the nominee’s scholarship and publications
The impact of the nominee’s public communication and educational activities
The nominee’s fostering of additional knowledge about first ladies through teaching, institutional or public service (broadly construed)
The influence and creativity of the nominee’s work or educational activities on other scholars, researchers, and/or the public.

Because the disciplinary specialization and area of focus of nominees may vary broadly, the Gould Award Committee members recognize that not all of the criteria will be relevant in every case.

Please submit letter of nomination and the nominee’s curriculum vitae or biography to Nancy Kegan Smith, Chair, Gould Award Committee (, by Wednesday, May 31, 2023. 

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