February 12, 2025

Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams

February 12, 1775

Louisa Catherine Johnson AdamsLouisa Catherine Johnson Adams—Born February 12, 1775 (London, UK). Died May 15, 1852 (Washington, DC).

White House Years: 1825-1829

  • First Lady Louisa Adams is the first of two first ladies born outside of the United States, and she came to the United States for the first time four years after marrying John Quincy Adams on July 26, 1797.
  • Louisa Adams moved frequently as a diplomat’s wife.
  • In 1817, the Adams family moved to D.C. while John Quincy Adams served as President James Monroe’s Secretary of State. Louisa Adams then earned a reputation as an excellent host.
  • During the Monroe administration and later during her husband’s administration, Louisa Adams became famous for her drawing room gatherings, often hosting diplomats and other dignitaries there.
  • Louisa Adams kept silkworms as pets in the White House.
  • Upon her death, both Houses of Congress adjourned to mourn her death. It was the first time to do so for a woman or former first lady.


  • "Write without fear and put down on your paper what you think, without thinking of what you must say."


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