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FLARE November 7 Program - Rosalynn Carter: Jimmy's Secret Weapon

Rosalynn Carter’s  growth and definition of her role as a marital partner led her to find her significant voice, as First Lady of Georgia, then as First Lady of the United States. She developed her advocacy skills for mental health legislation, her support for women’s rights, and her political skills in acting as an effective surrogate for her husband as he ran for elective office. She served as a presidential envoy to seven Latin American countries in 1977 engaging in substantive talks with leaders.  Her activism was both praised and criticized during her time as First Lady. This panel will explore the role of the Carters' relationship in shaping Rosalynn Carter's years as first lady and in the post-presidency providing a look at both the highs and lows. 


Paulette Brinka Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Arts Suffolk County Community College

Dr. Nichola Gutgold, Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences, Pennsylvania State University Penn Valley, 

Dr. Pamela Bourland Davis – Professor In The Department Of Communication Arts At Georgia Southern University, and

Dr. Kristin Ahlberg Historian At The United States State Department of State

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